Thursday, 7 April 2016

BUSTED!!! Can Your Bra be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

Are you are among the majority of women who have never had a proper bra fitting, and whose posture and back health are compromised as a result?


Many cases of bad posture in women originate during puberty when young women begin to develop breasts. Either in embarrassment or in an effort to hide blossoming bosoms, many young women hunch their shoulders forward. Others, on the other hand, try to flaunt their new breasts and can develop a swayback from pushing out their chests. Both are detrimental to spines and cause poor posture that lingers into adulthood.

Want to look thinner and younger?
Standing up straight burns more calories than slouching and poor posture can make a woman look older - just more reasons for good posture.


Bad posture not only creates a poor silhouette, it can cause additional problems such as back neck and shoulder pain that may contribute to headaches.. Muscles that tire easily from supporting the back can lead to increased fatigue. And we all know the effects of mobile devices on your posture. (Refer to my blog post on text neck). Good posture that aligns the shoulders with the hips minimizes stress on the joints and connective tissues in the legs and hips and enables the body to operate at maximum efficiency.


Exercise can help to improve posture and prevent pain. Women should focus on a correct standing posture to strengthen the back muscles and help with balance. Women can stand up against a wall and place their head, shoulders and buttocks up against the wall to gauge the proper alignment of their posture. Pressing the curve of the spine against the wall helps to strengthen the muscles needed for better posture. Also remember to engage your core. Suck in those tummy muscles ladies and see a physiotherapist for a posture assessment and corrective exercises.

But What about your Bras?

Proper support for the breasts impacts on your posture. The best place to support the breasts is through the lumbar (lower back), but often, women take the strain through the thoracic (around the ribcage), which can cause a curved back. (Hunched back) If a woman is bending forward because of insufficient breast support, the trapezius overstretches and may cause amongst other problems headaches.

If ladies have a proper bra-fitting, back problems can be resolved, so stop doing a balancing act with gravity, 

While a bra can be a a contributer, seeing a health professional is always reccomended so...

Get a fitting and see your physiotherapist today!!

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